Wagyu Filet of Tenderloin - 1) 7-8 oz steak

0.5 lb

A cut above the rest! This wagyu, from the revered Akaushi bloodline, is buttery, rich, and deliciously tender. Raised without hormones or antibiotics, hand cut, and aged to perfection, treat yourself to a steak that will blow you away!

Wagyu Grilling tips:

-Bring your steaks to room temperature

-Don't overdue the seasoning - wagyu stands out best with just salt and pepper. Over seasoning can mask the rich and buttery flavor

-Sear with high heat. Getting good caramelization adds a wonderful bite to your succulent steak

-Don't over cook. The majority of the flavor that distinguishes wagyu comes from the fat. Cooking your steak past medium can render too much fat and lose the flavor that wagyu is known for