We take animal welfare very seriously here. Every effort is made to ensure your animals are humanely handled with the utmost respect and care. Humane handling plays an integral role in meat quality and we are committed to making sure your animal is treated as best as humanly possible! We are audited by 3 different outside organizations on an annual basis; Certified Humane, Animal Welfare, and USDA. We also have a USDA inspector here 5 days a week. 

Processing fees

Species    Slaughter Processing
Beef $130.00 $0.95 /lb hang wt 
Pork $90.00 $0.95 /lb hang wt
Lamb/Goat included in processing fee $135.00 /animal


Additional fees

Grind/Sausage - in USDA printed chubs $0.50 /lb finished weight
Grind/Sausage - in Cry-o-vac/Rollstock $1.00 /lb finished weight
Tenderizing(beef or pork) $1.00 /lb
Curing(pork) $1.15 /lb
Patties(beef or pork) 4oz, 6oz, 8oz $1.50 /lb


Printable cut sheets:

Pork Cut Sheet

Beef Cut Sheet Front

Beef Cut Sheet Back

Lamb Cut Sheet