Our Story

-The Fantasma Name-
5 generations old, the family name was born out of necessity! Attilio, the 1st Fantasma was left on the door step of an orphanage. The nuns who found him that morning donned him with the name, meaning ghost, as they had no idea where he came from!
-Paradise Meat Locker-
Originally built in 1946 by the Lizar family and ran for 2 generations, Paradise Meat Locker resided in the residential area of Paradise Missouri. It was sold to the Mynatt family, who ran it for 2 generations and 20 plus years. Mario and Teresa purchased the business in 1995 and ran the locker, still in Paradise, providing custom processing for local farmers and hunters in the area. They also started a retail side of the business, offering various cuts of meat to local shoppers! Mario started with a team of around 3-5 employees and was processing roughly 10 beef and 10 hogs a week. They suffered a fire in June of 2002, while cooking a couple whole hogs overnight. Unable to rebuild in that location, the conversation turned to a potential move. Mario and Teresa found land just down the road in Trimble, MO and set to rebuilding the growing business! In January of 2003, they broke ground and in September of 2003, they reopened the doors to the new Paradise Locker Meats! Starting with the same crew, they quickly started growing with more capabilities in the new building. Growing was never easy but Mario and Teresa were determined to continue what they started in Paradise, and build a company that could make a difference in the food world. Through being very blessed, wonderful support by the local community, and establishing amazing relationships with clients locally and nationally, Paradise Locker Meats currently employs over 50 employees and processes 300-350 local animals on a weekly basis! 
-From our family to yours-