Wagyu Beef Patties - 1 lb - 2) 8oz patties

1.0 lb
Ground and pattied in house, these sinfully delicious hamburger patties will change the way you feel about your favorite burger! Unrivaled in moisture content and rich buttery flavor, don't miss out on your new favorite burger patty!

Customer Reviews

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Gourmet Hambergers!

I gave these Wagyu hamburgers as a gift and I know how delectable Wagyu beef is. My family raved about the flavor and how tender they were. Not only that but I sent her information on how healthy Wagyu beef is for you. Totally surprised! They have such a good flavor, you really don't need any seasoning at all. If you want good meat, healthy meat at that, buy these hamburgers or any cut of Wagyu beef, you will be glad you did.

Carolyn P

Very juicy with excellent taste and flavor! Well worth the money. We’ve bought the Wagyu Beef Patties several times and always very satisfied with the quality, taste, etc.

Karin Mogusar
Wagyu Beef Patties

There is absolutely no comparison between store-bought beef patties and Paradise's Wagyu Patties. We don't eat that much red meat, so it only makes sense to pay a little extra for quality beef patties. We do love our burgers, and now we love them even more with the Wagyu Patties.

Justin G
Delicious burger!

What a delicious burger! I love these! Nice fat content, great flavor, big size! A little salt, hot cast iron skillet, and one of these patties is perfection. The best burger patties I have ever purchased.

Daniel G.
This is the product that got me to order mail order from NY.

These are the juiciest and tastiest burgers. I've served them to guests many times, and the only question is "Where can I get these?". I hope one day they'll make sliders out of these, but until then I'll just have to indulge with the 8oz patties.