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We here at Paradise Locker Meats pride ourselves in having the opinion of “Where’s the Quality Beef?”, rather than just "Where's the Beef?"

We only carry CHOICE or PRIME grades of beef.  We also know the importance of aging beef properly to enhance the experience of the quality grades.  Our steaks we sell in our retail store are wet aged (aged in cryovac packaging) prior to selling or shipping, to ensure a flavorful tender product every time.  Steaks that are wet aged in cryovac may not have the bright red appearance that store bought steaks have, but the flavor and tenderness that comes from proper aging will make your mouth water with every bite. 

We feature 3 premium lines of beef that are raised without added hormones or antibiotics, and very unique and uncomparable!

These are:


Kumamoto, Japan origin – raised by the Beeman Family Farm in Texas
In Japan the two prominent breeds of Wagyu cattle are the Japanese Black Wagyu and the Japanese Red Wagyu, also called Akaushi.  In 1994 the nucleus of the Beeman Family Ranch Akaushi herd, 8 females and 3 males, were brought to the United States. These initial 11 head were the only Akaushi to ever come to this country.  For over 16 years, these Akaushi genetics have been, and are still controlled by Beeman Family Ranch. Currently the herd has over four thousand bulls, cows and calves running the rolling hills in South Central Texas.

Akaushi meat contains extremely high amounts of intramuscular fat or marbling with a fatty acid composition that is significantly lower in saturated fat and cholesterol and higher in monounsaturated fat, and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). CLA is a very beneficial and essential fatty acid in human nutrition.

Unmatched rich, buttery flavor, tenderness and consistency is guaranteed. All beef are raised in the United States from conception to consumption excluding the use of growth hormones.


Beeman Family Farms Akaushi / Angus Cross
The initial idea was to keep the herd completely full blood, which meant always dealing with limited numbers of cattle to be processed each year, but the quality, taste, tenderness, and health benefits of this beef brought on a demand from consumers like never before seen with a branded line of beef. 

To keep up with this demand the Beeman Family wanted to know if the crossbred Akaushi animals would still maintain its positive ratio of mono-unsaturated fats over saturated fats, and like the full blood Akaushi cattle, produce some of the healthiest beef in the world, and again the answer was yes. Since then, the Beeman Family has not only produced their full blood Akaushi cattle, but they have been breeding Akaushi Bulls to Angus type cows and have recently started harvesting these incredible cattle under the branded name of Beeman Family Ranch, Akaushi Sired Beef.

So with a similar quality beef in the Akaushi/Angus cross, you can experience it for a significant lower price.




Ribeye Steak - 16 oz. $69.99 LB $39.00 LB $19.99 LB
Ribeye , Whole Loin - Bnls 12-14 lb  $49.99 LB $36.50 LB $18.99 LB
Kansas City Strip - 12-14 oz.  $69.99 LB $39.00 LB $19.99 LB
Striploin - Whole Bnls 12-15 lb  $49.99 LB $36.50 LB $18.99 LB
Filet of Tenderloin - 8 oz.  $158.00 LB $82.95 LB $26.99 LB
Whole Tenderloin - 5-7 lb  $92.00 LB $45.00 LB $24.99 LB
Chuck Roast - Boneless 3-4 lb     $7.99 LB
Tri-Tip Roast - 3-4 lb     $9.49 LB
Flank Steak - 1-2 lb     $13.49 LB


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