Welcome BBQ Competition clients!

We would like you to know that we are the GO TO place for your specialty products, when you want to “GO FOR THE GOLD”.

Several of our clients have placed well with our products. Check out our blog page and see for yourself.


For those of you who don’t live local, we’ll be glad to ship the products for you.

This is how our shipping works:
We have a handling (carton/ice pack) fee in addition to the actual shipping cost.
We have it broken down for you, so you can see the exact cost.
We ship 2-day air with Fed EX, and have a good discount where that is concerned.
We can do an estimate of shipping cost for you if you want to e-mail us with your zip code and what quantity of product you would be interested in, and we can get you an ESTIMATED cost of shipping, cost of handling charge and the cost of the product.

The more you plan ahead for these shipments the better off you are. We ship on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, for arrival on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.

If you are interested in our Premium Pork line of the locally raised, outdoor, no added growth hormone products, we can place the order for those on Monday for the fresh slaughter each week, and we can ship the following Monday. These are Heritage Breeds such as Berkshire, Duroc, Red Wattle.

Of course our Wagyu (Kobe) Briskets are a huge success in the bbq competition world. Just make sure you don’t cook the same profile you would a choice brisket. See our website under “Printable Recipes” and click on the BBQ category on the right side of the page for the best way to WIN BIG with the best brisket in the world.

Frozen Fresh Pork:
Bone-In Boston Butt 8 lb. average $3.99 lb.
St. Louis Style Ribs - call for availability and price 2.5 lb. average  
Spare Ribs 3-3.5 lb. average $3.99 lb.

Weekly fresh Heritage Foods pork cuts available on request - call for pricing

Free Range Chicken :

Whole Chicken

3-4 lb. average

$3.19 lb.

USDA Prime :
Whole Briskets   $5.75 lb.
Wagyu Beef:
Whole Brisket   $7.75 lb.
8 oz. Patties   $6.29 lb.
Akaushi Beef:
Whole Brisket  

$9.75 lb.


Although these are the most common cuts we get inquiries for in the BBQ competition field, we can also get other cuts you may be interested in, so JUST ASK!!!

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